Monday, November 27, 2006

Lose ten pounds in four days! Guaranteed!

Well, it turns out I couldn't go to my first yoga class on Friday. Instead, this is how I spent the weekend!
Like yoga, becoming very ill is another great way to lose weight! Too bad you also lose all your colour and clothes when you end up in the UBC hospital during a powerout. Although the good news is that my younger sister likes it when I'm sick because I turn delerious and say whatever's on my mind like, "Don't hug me or I'll shout barf at you!" which was completely logical at the time. Anyway, I've been sleeping on and off all day so I'm going to try to go to bed again. Hopefully I get better soon, this is annoying.


colleen said...

holy shoot! I hope you get feeling better!

The Lagoonatic said...

Heck, Hurling's a time-honoured Canadian pastime. If your little sister took some kind of offence, she should... No, wait!
That's curling!!!
Never mind.

Justin said...

Zip Zap Crap!

I need to start following your day to day more, I didn't know you were on death's door.