Friday, April 10, 2009

Seattle - Day One

Me and six others arrived here in Seattle by bus earlier this evening at around 10, I'll guess. The bus ride was quiet and uneventful, so I used the time to do some animation on a project I'll be sporadically working on this weekend (and should be working on now) which I will upload versions of later.

After settling in, we went out in search for the Subway we spotted earlier, but it turns out it was closed. We walked a block to a 'Ralph's Deli' which is a lot like Vancouver's 'Caper's' grocery store (in my opinion- overpriced, organic, and pretentious) and I spent way too much on some makeshift dinner which was undelicious.

Now, we're just back at the hotel, wasting time and going to sleep soon. We got a pretty nice set of rooms, two that are attached at the bathroom, then another down the hall for three girls. Anyhow, I'm going to go to bed now; it's 1 am? and we're waking up at 9 to get breakfast and go to the convention tomorrow. GOOD NIGHT


kurai_tenshi said...

Show me hideous cosplayers!!!

Euthanasian said...

Stop saying 'undelicious'.